Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) What is a Media Database?

A media database is a web based collection of organized media and related metadata. Media asset management (MAM) consists of managment tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital media assets.

2.) What are the benefits of hosting your MAMs in the cloud?

It is the most economical, accessible, and professional way to have access to MAM software, support and services. Assets and information stored in the PixProVault cloud can be secured and delivered to users, vendors and clients all over the world. By hosting with us, many costs, such as server acquisition, administration, security, etc… can be avoided altogether. The remaining expenses and variables associated with hosting in the cloud are predictable and easily managed by our experts.

3.) Where are the data centers located? What is the security like?

We currently have data centers in Atlanta, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Additional data centers will be added on other continents as global hosting demand increases.  The data centers are secured using multi-factor authentication including RFID badges, biometric scanners, and key code entry. The data center and common areas are monitored via 24/7 video recording system. The data center is SSAE-16 Type II Certified. Power is provided via 2400Amps of 480V diverse power feeds, 620kVA of batter backup capacity, and 1 megawatt of generator capacity. Furthermore the data center is protected via a double pre-action dry-pipe Fire Suppression System.

4.) What back up methods are used on the hosted servers?

For enterprise clients, we use off-site backup to the Phoenix data center and off-line backups in Minneapolis. There is also a daily or on demand snapshots of metadata stored. For a single file recovery typical restore times are within 15 min. For total disaster recovery including data center migration is 30-60 minutes.

5.) Is hosted data stored with, or segregated from other clients data? 

Our enterprise plan includes two dedicated server nodes with NGINX for load balancing.

6.) Does the hosting service come with an SLA? What is included?

Yes. 99.9% up-time. Financial credits for up-time less than advertised, with the exception of scheduled maintenance windows.

7.) When assets are deleted from the UI, are they also removed from the storage, including backups?

Our default setting is to keep deleted files for 30 days. They are invisible, and unsearchable during this time. However, an administrator can un-delete these files during the 30 day period. This delayed deletion was designed to protect content from accidental or systematic removal. If you prefer to change this setting to keep files for less or more time, let us know.

8.) What kind of metadata does PixProVault support? 

PixProVault can read and write common metadata schemas such as EXIF, IPTC, Dublin Core and XMP.